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From 1996 to the present time (2024), Dr. Thomas J. Berger, board certified in 1981 as a cardiac surgeon by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery, has been involved, as an expert, in approximately 400 medical malpractice cases. Most of this experience has been since 1998, when problems with his vision caused Dr. Berger to retire from the active practice of cardiac surgery. Since then, Dr. Berger has devoted the same intense concentration and attention to detail to the specialty of forensic medicine as had always characterized his career as a heart surgeon.

Forensic medicine is, of course, the study and application of scientific facts and techniques to medico-legal problems. In his pursuit of excellence in this field, Dr. Berger has become a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Medicine and a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners. This rare devotion to both the medical and legal aspects of every case he reviews means that Dr. Berger not only knows how to cut and tie; he also knows Daubert from Frye. This background and Dr. Berger's extensive experience make him uniquely qualified to evaluate the merits of your case at the time of his initial evaluation.

Dr. Berger is well aware that, if a case has no merit, you need to know that as early as possible. If it does have merit, Dr. Berger will not only uncover that truth but will present it in a clear, understandable and cogent manner, from his initial written report to deposition and trial testimony.

Dr. Berger's firm, Heart of the Matter Expertise, has achieved international recognition with trial testimony given as far off as the Supreme Court of Southern Australia. Here in the United States, Dr. Berger has taken a strong stand within the medical community for an ethical approach to expert witness testimony, which will not compromise the rights of any injured person to legal redress.

Call Dr. Berger for a free initial phone evaluation of the merits of your case and learn why our motto at Heart of the Matter Expertise is:

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