Dueling in Death’s Backyard, Dr. Berger’s first novel, is a medical murder mystery based on his experiences as a surgery resident in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1970s. The novel includes Dr. Berger’s thoughts on the so-called medical malpractice “crises.” The novel is available on Amazon. A hotlink to the order page is below.

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by Thomas Jay Berger, MD,
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Only a heart surgeon stops the heart, bringing every patient that close to
death - then duels the Grim Reaper in his own backyard with a human
life at stake. And only a cardiac surgeon with the skills of a Faulkner
award winning writer could bring readers into the OR and even into the
heart itself to share that cosmicexperience. Dr. Berger does exactly that
in the context of a medical murder mystery exposing a VA hospital scandal
from decades before they became front page news.

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